Affordable, honest local ingredients from farmers that get real opportunities to build a sustainable way of working. Avani is on a mission to change the food industry forever. To get their message out there, we were asked to create a short movie that focuses on the problem we as a society face today as well as the unique solution Avani offers.


essence of the story

From our initial talks with the client it quickly became clear that Avani didn't want to make just another 'shocking' video that puts hard-working farmers in bad light. Instead focus would be placed on explaining why agriculture became what it is today, what we need to do to change the situation, and how Avani can make a difference. Together with the client we created a script & storyboard that captured the essence of this story. Auditions were then set-up to find the right voice for the narrative. Flemish actor and voice of Planet Earth- Vic De Wachter was selected by the client. After a day in the studio we were able to wrap-up all sound design. 


Check out the final result below!