Bassilicum's Legacy


Today it's hard to imagine a world without our smartphones or tablets. They affect all aspects of our daily lives in every way possible; how we communicate with one another, the way we travel, order pizza, play games... Even the way we meet new people (or find love). Considering the impact mobile devices have on us, it's in a child's best interest to grow up being comfortable around them. Even though the benefits are numerous, we often worry that technology is replacing traditional play & can quickly become a distracting factor in regards to schoolwork & education. 


The power of storytelling


Ketnet, a public TV Network, asked us to join the conversation about kids and their daily digital environment. We explored how technology can trigger the imagination whilst simultaneously stimulating outdoor play and education. With a unique mobile game concept built around nature, we illustrated the incredible potential of storytelling. We started this project with conceptualising a storyline and main character. And so we gave birth to Basillicum, the greatest alchemist that ever lived. Through an engrossing storyline and a series of wildly adventurous mini-games, the game encourages children to physically explore nature and learn the basics of plant & tree life. Chapter by chapter they will work, play and learn to restore the legendary book to its original glory. 


"The secret to Bassilicum's epic success was his mastery of the subject Herbology: the study of plants. Over the years he collected all his knowledge in one great book, titled ‘Basillicum’s Complete Herbarium’. As the book was passed down from father to son, the golden ink that once shone so brightly, slowly started to fade away..."

Wireframing & UI design


Once the main storyline was defined we started mapping out all screens and game mechanics required to engage our young audience. It was crucial here to strike the right balance between fun and education, as it was very important for Ketnet to stimulate both digital and physical engagement with nature and herbology. Every aspect of the interface design was handcrafted by our illustrators with an incredible eye for detail. A wide range of traditional lesson topics were re-worked and transformed into imaginative yet educational games and exercises to master and complete. We even drew up a long list of special achievements to further stimulate progress throughout Bassilicum's incredible adventure. 


Game Trailer

Of course all this work had to be accompanied by a kick-ass trailer that showcases the unique features of the story & concept. Even though this was an innovation project at the time, with the countless upcoming opportunities AR will bring, we are sure 'Bassilicum's Legacy' will re-surface once again! 


Check it out below.