the world of bebat


Bebat is one of the world's most respected companies in the collecting and recycling of used batteries. To show people exactly what they do, they organise a range of workshops and guided tours in their HQ. Nevertheless, they wanted to reach out to even more people... From the moment used batteries are collected, an incredibly complex journey begins. Bebat wants their audience to understand and experience this journey. They approached us with the task to map out and visualise the entire recycling process. Step by step. We agreed & included every single detail!  


mapping the journey

To create this interactive story we first had to understand every single detail of the journey. We arranged workshops with Bebat and mapped out every step of the way through storyboards and a seemingly endless amount of rough sketches! Once the entire process was locked and mapped out, we started our digital illustration. The biggest challenge was to make the story accessible both to children and professional organisations, so the right style and level of detail was crucial.