As the biggest board and card game manufacturer in the world, Cartamundi is sharing the magic of playing together. As an international player they do not only focus on manufacturing but on promotional projects as well. For big retailers, such as supermarkets they create loyalty programs to attract new customers and increase the purchase volume. The classic loyalty programs consist of 'flowpacks' holding multiple cards to collect in a creative and custom themed map.


the (not so) classic fairytales

Cartamundi is always looking for new topics and themes to present to their clients. For their next promotional campaign with long-time partner Delhaize, Cartamundi wanted to work around the theme of Fairy Tales. Stories like Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks have been embedded in our childhood and it's characters have undeniable universal appeal. However, Cartamundi does not want to bet safe, they want a new modern twist to the stories we all know and have grown to love. To flesh out this concept we were asked to create a series of concept illustrations, campaign visuals, display designs, and in-store promo ideas that could be used at a sales pitch with Cartamundi's clients. 


another side to the story


Instead of just re-telling the classic stories and presenting them with an updated look & feel, we wanted to determine the true essence of the story and translate it to todays youth & culture. We also figured now may be time to hear the 'other side' of the story- from the 'villains' perspective if you will! How did The Big Bad Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood experience the unfortunate events that day? What were his true motives? Was he perhaps misunderstood in his actions? Has anyone bothered to ask his side of the story? By turning the spotlight on the lesser heard characters, we were able to let go of all stereotypes and come up with some really fun and creative concepts. 

Let me tell you my side of the story...
— The Big Bad Wolf

To put our concept theory to practice, we selected one of the stories, defined the key ingredients and transformed them to their present day equivalent. For each of the ingredients we were able to come up with a clever link or exciting background story that really took the plot to a different level. 


collect them all

Every item, character and piece of scenery from the story was turned into a beautifully illustrated card. Each card to be collected and placed into a collector map, containing a hand-picked selection of the very best Fairy Tales. And each chapter of the map containing a story that is fully annotated by the narrating character, complete with insights, sketches and comments!


In-Store Promo


Even though the actual cards are given out for free through the store's instant loyalty system, the collector map is to be purchased for a small fee. The in-store display point therefore needs to be well-designed, visible and capable of generating excitement throughout the store. For us this was another opportunity to expand our concept and apply another layer of storytelling. Multiple concepts were explored, some of our favourite ones are presented below.