Why brand experience?

A great experience is cherished, committed to memory and most importantly, shared. We craft beautiful interactive experiences with 1 mission: to connect your brand to it's target audience, and leave a lasting impression. 



As proud sponsor of Sensation White, Samsung was looking for a creative partner who could turn their booth upside down. Together with our partners Little Miss Robot and nocomputer, we conceptualised and designed an interactive experience that had people dancing like there is no tomorrow. 


Refugees leave everything and everyone behind to escape violence. A fact which UNHCR made shockingly clear on World Refugee Day. Together with nocomputer we created a realistic projection mapping on the Place du Luxembourg in Brussels and gave Belgium a taste of that very same violence.


video credit: legioen.tv

Cronos: Hack the Future

Hack The Future is the biggest hackaton of Belgium. Powered by the Cronos Group it’s an ultimate opportunity for students to get a taste of inspiring jobs within the information technology giant. To make this edition of Hack The Future extra memorable for the attendees, together with out partner Wonderland we created a fully fleshed out story concept:

The world as we know it today no longer exists. The remaining population is forced to live in vaults, created to protect us from the barren outside world. As resources begin to dwindle, The desperate Vault Overseer handpicks only the most promising ICT talents. Their mission: to reboot key facilities around the world and save the future of humanity.