The biggest hackthon in Belgium

Hack The Future is an experience-driven hackaton in a unique location that brings together 500+ student to hack, design and experiment with innovative technology. Powered by the Cronos Group it’s an opportunity for students to get a taste of inspiring jobs within the information technology giant. In short: Hack The Future is the biggest hackaton in Belgium, so naturally we jumped on the opportunity to get involved.




Every edition of Hack the Future is unique. Centred around a specific theme and held in the epic FORT V in Edegem, students work together in teams of 2 to overcome a series of tech & design challenges. In the previous years students dealt with world-wide nuclear fallout, mass-migration and the colonisation of Mars. For the 5th edition we were asked to define, conceptualise, brand and visualise the new theme. In co-creation with Wonderland and Involved, we set-out to create a storytelling experience for the students to be blown away by.



2 days ago local teenagers stumbled across a mysterious object of unknown origin whilst trespassing in an undisclosed location. Since then the area has been overrun by authorities, quarantined and deemed off-limits to civillians. You are part of a meticulously selected team charged with solving the riddle of ‘the artifact’. Time is limited as various organisations around the world lobby for their chance to uncover whatever secrets lie inside. Our only clues are strange hieroglyphics on the surface and sporadic signals emitted from within.

Unite, decypher the code. Unlock the Artifact and discover it’s inner secrets.


Onboarding & branding

An event this size requires a whole lot of design work. Besides the concept and story our team also delivered a custom website, range of video visuals, T-shirts for the attendees aswel as crew, lanyards, event map, markers and on site decoration.

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