Why motion?

All you need is 10 seconds to captivate your audience and receive their undivided attention. By combining storytelling with the magic of motion, your brand has the power to move, engage and delight any human being. 


Metal Packaging Europe

Metal Packaging Europe gives Europe’s rigid metal packaging industry a unified voice, by bringing together manufacturers, suppliers, and national associations. They proactively position and support the positive attributes and image of metal packaging through joint marketing, environmental and technical initiatives.


Journey for Elysium

Teaser trailer for the upcoming VR storytelling experience: Journey for Elysium. The player takes on the role of an unnamed warrior who has died on the battlefield and now finds him/herself on a boat in Penumbra - an intermediate realm of our existence. The player must use all his/her wit and skills to overcome a series of increasingly elaborate twists and challenges to reach Elysium and obtain redemption.


Ridley Connect

Ridley is using the technological possibilities of IoT to build an entirely new type of smart bike. To communicate Ridley Connect's key features and differentiators we created a promotional video that was launched through multiple online marketing channels. Catch a glimpse of the next generation of Ridley smart bikes!


Friday 5pm

Friday 5pm is a conceptual initiative by KBC to offer their loyal customers unique, tailored experiences through an innovative reward program. Once was responsible for the concept, storyboarding and video shoot of the project. 


Packaging Simplified

Esko offers a wide range of products and services for label, sign and display printing. Their mission is to drive profitability in their industry’s supply chain by reducing time-to-market and raising productivity. We were asked to create a short animation to clearly explain the strategy and value proposition behind this mission.


Ecofood Avani

Affordable, honest local food, from farmers that get real opportunities to build a sustainable way of working. Avani is on a mission to change the food industry forever. To get their message out there, we created a short movie that not only focuses on the problem we, as a society face today, but also a solution that we can all contribute towards.


Service Design

Knight Moves designs services that customers love. But what is 'service design'? Through a short but accessible animation we helped Knight Moves explain the story behind service design and the benefits it offers to organisations.