Why use storyboards?

A storyboard is a series of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose pre-visualising motion projects such as film, animation or interactive experiences. Considering the speed in which a storyboard can be set-up, clients can visualise the scenes and find potential problems (build-up, timing, camera positioning, etc...) before they are worked out in motion. 


mapping the story

Through a kick-off workshop with the client we extract the key information, features, details and mood of the project. We use these elements as building blocks to build up our story. Frame by frame the project is given form until we have a complete overview, ready to be discussed and fine tuned.

asset production

Once the storyboard is completed and checked off with the client, it provides our designers & animators with a clear outline of all assets that need to be produced. In other words- The storyboard is the perfect blueprint for the remaining creation process! 


blueprint example