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Techorama is a deep knowledge and IT conference with a penchant for retro robots and colourful branding. It began in 2014 in Mechelen and has grown steadily ever since, across Belgium and the Netherlands. For their recent 2019 space-themed edition, we were asked to give their branding a light retouch, and things sort of escalated from there.

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The website went through without a hitch, and things seemed to be going smoothly. Then we were tasked with revamping the core of Techorama’s visual identity, their adorable little robot family, and our imaginations began to run wild. After doodling countless bizarre machines and metal monsters of all shapes and sizes, we finally came back down to earth, figured out just what the client was after, and established a clear new style and working relationship in the process.


all systems go

With the branding and visual identity firmly established, we set about exploring all the other assets, decorations, goody bag items and promotional materials that might come in handy. Among these bits and pieces was the event booklet, which took on a life of its own as it got packed with more and more information. In the end we opted for quite an unusual layout to optimise the aesthetics and user experience of the fold out booklet.

rejected bullshit by venter

rejected bullshit by venter

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a new frontier

With the goal of growing Techorama’s reputation as an immersive, inspiring event, we wanted to think up an unforgettable, outside-the-box gift for the speakers that would present at Techorama 2019 Antwerp. After some brain storming we dared to dream of making a figurine! And the client said yes! Thus, with zero experience in making toy figurines, we endeavoured to find a production partner that could deliver the goods and ended up making a valuable connection in Taiwan. He helped us produce 150 robot figurines, hand painted and delivered in kitsch, retro packaging glory.


Mission accomplished


The final event was a loud, colourful success and gained a lot of attention on social media thanks to the crazy visuals, great conference content and unique speaker gifts. Blah blah blah.