Songs for the Crossing


Songs for the Crossing is a world premiere of composer Jeroen D'Hoe, based on the award-winning poems by Stefan Hertmans about people on the run during World War I. At the same time 'the crossing' is a metaphor for the current refugee migration. An important theme in the world today. UNHCR approached us to create a video projection on the meter-high façade of the historic Flagey building in the heart of Brussels. Through this initiative UNHCR, Flagey, Brussels Philharmonic and the Flemish Radio Choir want to call attention to fundamental values such as tolerance and solidarity with refugees. 


a story of hope

With the world in turbulent times and the holiday season upon us, it was important for the story to carry a strong message of hope. A decision was therefore made to use no explicit footage, instead opting for powerful symbolism to trigger, challenge and intrigue the mind and senses. For the story to remain cohesive, we defined 3 chapters: war, exodus and hope. In our first chapter: 'War' we recall the root cause why people flee their home and country. 'Exodus' focuses on the dangerous, emotional journey refugees are forced to embark on. The final chapter: 'Hope' explores positive themes, uplifting ideas and admiring stories of refugees through time.  


Test night & d-day

Together with Little Miss Robot & Beam Inc we battled the freezing cold weather and took care of the hardware, technical set up and made the final preparations. In an evening full of light, music and poetry the attendees were positively moved by what they had experienced and were keen to sign the global #withrefugees petition. With signatures now nearing the 2.000.000 mark, Once is proud to have played a part in this wonderful initiative. Below you can check out some impressions of the evening. 


the Result