VILLA pila

Villa Pila is Bebat’s visitor centre,  developed especially for children aged 9 to 12. Every day, the facility greets a new class with enthusiasm as they introduce them to the world of batteries and explain in detail how batteries work, how they are recycled and why this is so important. 


a new home

Villa Pila is an incredibly exciting, fun and educational place to visit. We know this because we joined a class on their Villa Pila trip before even starting the project! Just like the kids, we returned with big smiles on our faces having learned a thing or two about the world of batteries. Villa Pila challenged us to inject the same level of excitement, education and fun into their outdated (Flash) website. We gladly accepted!


an Isometric world full of electrifying surprises

We carefully studied each of the locations the children visit at Villa Pila and translated them into a beautifully illustrated isometric world. The key here was to find the right balance between realism (education) and imagination (fun). Each location is true to its real-world counterpart but full of small surprises and animations that introduce an element of storytelling, and are bound to get both teachers and students excited about their upcoming visit to Villa Pila.


Did you know 2.0

The original version of the website introduced a 'did you know' style feature which certainly had potential but was executed too generically for the Villa Pila audience. To upgrade this feature we pitched an entire set of illustrated characters. Each uniquely themed character was presented on a card-like template providing the visitor with an interesting fact or story about the world of batteries. To take things further, we decided to animate each character to bring the whole set to life.


the Result

In close collaboration with the talented guys & girls from Little Miss Robot, the Villa Pila  website was developed and launched online in all its intended glory.  Make sure to check out the result below!