BRANDING made to fit


XTi is a Java and opensource development company working within the Xplore Group. Following their solid growth over the last few years and a recent expansion to 2 new locations in Hasselt and Merelbeke, they decided it was time to update their branding and website, so they came to us. Their original logo hadn’t been touched in almost 2 decades, so XTi was open to the possibility of some drastic changes and wanted to explore what kind of identity best suited the company and its customers today. Starting with the logo, we looked into a few alternative directions.  

unused logos.jpg


From here the project grew in scope as we looked into how best to present their case studies, marketing materials and in particular the XTi ideation track, a program geared toward helping employees explore and develop their own IT based business ideas within the organization. 



This would become a key focal point for their recruitment method, so we decided an animation would be a good choice to maximize impact. We wanted to build a story and characters around the ideation track to bring some classical storytelling elements to the job, so we came up with Bart and his bright idea. Furthermore, we looked into some new tools to help bring Bart and his colleagues to life, and our search led us to the character rigging system RubberHose.


Animating the story

The ideation track was created to encourage growth and new ideas within XTi, whether those ideas lead to research groups, new knowledge bases or even entirely new companies. Bringing together all the various aspects of this into one coherent story was a long process, and keeping the animation to an appropriate length meant making hard decisions on what details to keep and which would have to go. Our in-house animator Kevin Hendrickx had a lot of fun exploring RubberHose and found it was a great tool for the most part, though some minor bugs in the plug-in meant a manual approach was needed for the finishing touches. We also saw once again how important it is to work with the soundtrack and audio narration as soon as possible in order to identify timing issues. 


The end result was a happy client, a unique, elegant set of branding and marketing materials, and a new addition to our own skill set and experience.


the Final result